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Adopt a Yogi

From the organization, we are issuing a call to all those who have a house in Menorca and would like to share it with the attendees of the festival. What does this call entail? How can you share this experience? From the organization of the Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival, we are looking for people who would like to adopt some of the individuals who will come to enjoy the event. This would involve offering accommodation in your home. In return, the organization will provide you with free tickets to the Festival.

If you like the idea of adopting a yogi during the days of the festival and want more information, contact us at 606968629 (Oriol).

To be adopted

Stay with a yogi and enjoy a free stay during the days of the festival. Also, take advantage and discover the city of Maó and its traditions with the person who has hosted you. To be hosted, it is essential to have a ticket for all 3 days (June 6th, 7th, and 8th). It is also necessary to fill out the following form:

    Back side: