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Prema Karina Arenas has been teaching Hatha Yoga for over 20 years, sharing her expertise with thousands of students worldwide. She regularly conducts classes at Teacher Trainings and Advanced Teacher Trainings at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers in Europe and India, as well as at Karuna Seeds Yoga School in Taiwan. She embodies the essence of divine love or unconditional love, where love is given freely without expecting anything in return. Prema’s life purpose is to serve as a conduit for passing on the profound teachings of Yoga that she has received.



Born in Madrid, Rebeca was initially exposed to yoga philosophy by her grandmother, a practitioner and teacher in the 1980s. She began her formal yoga studies at the Jivamukti School in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by her first practice, she continues to study regularly with her teachers. Teaching yoga philosophy is her way of nurturing compassion in our hearts towards all beings. She aspires to share these teachings widely and currently teaches at the Jivamukti Yoga School in Marbella.



Eva Oller is convinced that yoga is the most complete exercise to maintain the body and mind in the best condition of health and well-being, and thus be able to receive and interact directly with the forces of life. Based in Formentera, Eva travels around the world organizing trainings, retreats, workshops, events, and group or in-person classes. Eva’s sessions are aimed at enhancing a deep understanding of the practice in its most therapeutic aspect. They are demanding, creative sessions that inspire to achieve connection between body, mind, and spirit.



Known for his presence on British television as well as his deep knowledge in the world of yoga, this charismatic teacher combines his passion for Yin Yoga with his exceptional communication skills. In addition to being a television personality in the United Kingdom, he is also a master of gongs and hang, using them as powerful tools in his healing workshops. His unique approach blends the gentle practice of Yin Yoga with the healing vibration of instruments, creating transformative experiences for his students. His gift for communication is reflected in his ability to guide and motivate others, making him a highly effective personal coach. His charismatic presence and profound knowledge make his classes not only educational but also inspiring and revitalizing for all who have the privilege to attend.



She graduated in Psychology and specialized in Gestalt Therapy and Psychopharmacology of addictions. In the same year of her graduation, she traveled to India for the first time to do volunteer work, an experience that literally changed the course of her life. It was there where she tried her first yoga class. During that trip, she spent the last month at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, and since then she has continued her training and learning. Since 2011, she has been exclusively dedicated to yoga, sharing what she has learned in her own journey. Lately, her interest has focused on the practice and state of yoga sleep, known as yoga nidrā.



Pablo d’Ors is, in essence, a remarkable communicator. He graduated in New York and pursued studies in Philosophy and Theology across Rome, Prague, and Vienna, with a specialization in German studies. In 1996, he earned his doctorate with a thesis focused on Theology of Literary Experience. Ordained as a priest in 1991, he served in the Claretian mission in Honduras before returning to Spain to blend pastoral duties with teaching in Dramaturgy and Theological Aesthetics. Embarking on his writing career at the age of 47, he distinguishes himself through a unique style that intertwines comedic, lyrical, and spiritual elements. Notable among his works is the acclaimed “Biography of Silence,” an insightful essay on meditation, and, more recently, “Biography of Light,” a must-read for every spiritual seeker.



Alexis Racionero is a Ph.D. in Art History, with a degree in Geography and History, specializing in Eastern philosophy. He has been a film professor at ESCAC for many years. He is a Gestalt therapist and generative coach, as well as a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. He gives motivational lectures and personal growth retreats with his Wakenpath method. He constantly travels to Asia, where he has filmed the documentaries Rubbersoul, the hippie journey to India, and Railway to Heaven, a journey from Beijing to Tibet (both available on A contributor to La Vanguardia and Mundo Deportivo, he is also the author of several books.



Manu Om is a musician and singer who prioritizes love above all else. His stage presence is magnetic, blending energetic performances with sensitivity, and showcasing a remarkable ability to improvise and create spontaneous moments. Manu Om has the capacity to take his audience on an emotional journey through music and an immersive atmosphere.



Surinder Singh teaches Hatha Yoga as a combination of yogasana, pranayama, and meditation, in an atmosphere of warmth and support. It is this atmosphere and energy, and its enormously positive effect on the practice, that the teacher’s students notice and for which they return year after year. With a background in mechanical engineering, Surinder integrates principles of mechanical physics into his teaching practice, thus transforming them into biomechanics of alignment and adjustment of asanas, as well as of yoga practice as a whole. Currently, Surinder Singh is the most popular yoga teacher in the world’s yoga capital, Rishikesh. Thousands of yoga practitioners from around the world call Surinder Ji their main teacher.



Gloria Higueras is dedicated to supporting individuals in all their aspects – physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually – through the transformative power of plants. She offers workshops where she shares how essential oils and their vibration can act on our subtle bodies and provide us with energetic balance in our mind, body, and soul.



Isa was born in The Azores. She has been making a name for herself in the music scene. The variety of electronic music genres that she plays is very wide, always maintaining her own style and character. She navigates between Ambient and Techno, going through various dubby shades in each of her sessions. Her affinity for searching peculiar sounds makes her DJ sessions generate dynamic and intriguing atmospheres that envelop listeners, inviting them to travel in the infinite sonic universe.